• Skip-Locate-Repossess Services: We will locate your customer and assign the account out for repossession with one of our 500 contracted repossession agents. 95 % of our repossession agents are also contingent. We do not charge a fee if your skip accounts are not located / resolved. 
  • Skip-Locate Services: We will locate the vehicle and/or customer and give the information back to your company. You can assign it to your repossession agent or use the information for legal purposes. We do not charge a close fee if we do not locate / resolve your skip accounts.
  • Forwarding Services:  You know where your customer is living. We will handle getting account assigned to a properly insured repossession agent, get updates and service account until vehicle is secured and transported to an auto auction of your choice.
  • Plate-Vehicle Location Services: This service enables our clients to be notified if their vehicles plate number has been scanned anywhere in the United States. if the plate is scanned you will receive an email advising where the vehicle was sighted along with the date, time and plate image of vehicle location. we can also facilitate the repossession for our clients. 
  • Non-Secured Locate Services: If you have no good numbers, address or work information on your customer, we will develop new numbers for you and confirm residency and/or work information.
  • Remarketing Services: We will have vehicle transported to Auto Auction / Remarketing site, have vehicle conditioned and help in the sale of our client's collateral.